A Circlet of Stars

The moon shines brightly
Protecting everyone with her warm glow.
She looks towards Artemis for guidance.
The goddess stands gracefully,
A circlet of stars crowns her
Silvery silk drapers around her
A bow in her hands.
She sees a young girl
Standing in the dark.
“Luna,” she says to the moon
Her voice smooth
“Shine brightly on this girl.”
The moon shone brightly
The girl looked up
And Artemis smiled upon her,
Seeing a makeshift circlet made of tinsel stars.
“Sleep well, my child.”
The girl rose
Her attempt at grace futile
As she bowed
And ran away.
Before she was out of sight,
Artemis plucked a star out of her own circlet
And sent it to land in the girl’s hair

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