I Owe You Nothing

I am sick of being a fantasy
Sickly sweet nice guys,
Dripping with vinegar disguised as honey.
Take my kindness and
Turn it into a knife
And say since they don’t strike
I should sleep with them.

I am not your life saver
I cannot save you
Or cure the angst
That’s just your body’s reaction
To not getting laid.
I am not a savior.

I am a lighter without its safety,
Reacting poorly to things
Before I realize what just happened.
I am a naive child,
Believing in fairy tales
And happily ever after.
I am flawed,
So why would you think I would save you?
My kind disposition
And caring nature do not outweigh these,
But are rather a part of them.
I am neither saint nor sinner,
Acknowledge my humanity.

I owe you nothing.

So take your
Madonna-whore complex
Your poor tortured soul
And find a new float.
Because this one only has room for one
And I’m saving myself
And letting you drown.

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