2019 Directions

2018 was a year about change. I got a job, got a driver’s license, got a cat, and got an idea of where I want my career to take me.

I’ve decided that 2019 is going to be the year of adventure and productivity. I’m a part of a super exciting podcast project that I can’t wait to start recording, I’m taking some amazing classes this semester, I’m looking into doing something exciting during my fall semester that I can’t talk about quite yet

And I’m going to live in Greece for a month.

This morning, January 15th, 2019, I got an email alerting me that I had been accepted into a study abroad program through Emerson College that will allow me to study literature in Athens, Greece throughout the entire month of June. I’ve never done anything quite like this before, and I’m beyond ecstatic to take this new opportunity to learn and work to the best of my ability in a completely different environment. Just the thought of studying in a warm, cultural, and historical city lifts my heart when compared to studying in wintery Boston.

I plan on blogging weekly while I’m away (when I’m not working on my studies) about what it’s like to be in a country so foreign to me, yet so familiar in culture. It’ll be fascinating to be simultaneously so far away from my family but so spiritually close to them at the same time.

I really believe that this program will be healthy and cleansing for my soul, and I can’t wait to see what direction everything goes in. And I want to take you guys with me.

So buckle up, June’s going to be wild.

Γεια σου, Ελλάδα!

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