For the Love of a Car Ride

Sometimes all you need is a car ride.

The world might get a little too much sometimes. Responsibilities pile up and you cannot escape the tempest that is your mind. The guilt of being a burnt-out creator, the fear of not being good enough, and the anxiety of entering the real world weigh on your heart until it becomes so heavy that you cannot move. 

You sometimes feel as though you are drowning.

You have put forward a facade as someone who is constantly positive, happy, and optimistic. For the most part, that’s completely accurate. But you are also beyond frightened. You have no idea what direction you want your life to take and you’re halfway done with college.

But then a good friend comes along. One whose energy matches your own in a way so distinct that it feels as though you were destined to be in each others’ lives. And after hours of chatting, the purest remedy takes place. One that doesn’t even present itself as a remedy, but rather a necessity.

A car ride.

The windows have been rolled down while good music plays, even if you don’t know the words to the song. Conversations about ghosts and what lies beyond fade out as the wind whips your hair wild. It’s autumn, but Florida acts as a land with endless summer and you cannot tell if it’s September or July. The silence is comfortable as the music becomes the soundtrack that plays during your own personal montage, and you can close your eyes with a genuine smile on your face.

You feel an urge to write. The words are bubbling up out of mind before you even get the chance to put pen to paper, and you finally begin to feel put back together after months of burning out. The sound of wind funneled through car windows turns into a melody in your head, and the chill of the air sends goosebumps through your spine and for the first time in a long, long while you feel truly alive.

And you know that some people are going to read this and not understand how a twenty-minute drive could be so impactful.

But sometimes all you need is a car ride.

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