Our country is on fire.
We live in a world where white people protesting a virus are good people
But Black people protesting a murder are somehow wrong.
Where your skin color is somehow more dangerous than an assault rifle.
Where cops are allowed to panic and kill Black youth
But those same Black youth must stay calm facing down the barrel of a gun.
Where cops go undercover pretending to be protesters
And turn a peaceful protest violent,
Then put back on their uniforms and claim it was always violent
It wasn’t.
Black people are persecuted in this country just for being Black.
I cannot
In good faith
Stay silent and watch it happen.
And to my brothers and sisters of color,
Please know I stand with you.
I’m here to be educated,
To listen to you,
To fight for you.
The injustices of this country should not be on the shoulders of its innocent.

Visit minnesotafreedomfund.org for a list of places to donate.

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